7 Spanish Cheap Rose Wine Under $10

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You hardly find Rose wine under $10. However, we got to find 7 Spanish cheap rose wine under $10.

Check out these bargain rose wine now!

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Espelt Corali Rose 2016, $9.99

Espelt Corali Rose 2016

Espelt Corali Rose 2016 Winemaker Notes

Pale salmon color, just like the seafood in a tasty paella. In the nose, ripe peach and herbal notes, with a citrusy character. A grown-up rose.

Pink wines always get along well with the Mediterranean cuisine: Fish, grilled vegetables, rice, seafood. However, the winning bet is oily fish: grilled sardines, red tuna, baked salmon with lime and soy sauce.


Garnacha de Fuego Rose 2016, $9.99

Garnacha de Fuego Rose 2016

Garnacha de Fuego Rose 2016 Winemaker Notes

The historic town of Munebrega — which was founded under the name Mundobriga by Celtiberians 2000 years ago — has been a beacon of Spanish history and tradition since its inception. Just like the Celtiberian natives of Mundobriga who battled against years of Roman occupation, the Garnacha vines used to make this wine fight for survival in the harsh, arid conditions and gravelly soil they call home. The result of this crusade is the finest Rose Aragon has to offer.


Marques de Caceres Rioja Rosado 2016, $9.99

Marques de Caceres Rioja Rosado 2016

Marques de Caceres Rioja Rosado 2016 Winemaker Notes

Pretty, pale strawberry color. Fresh bouquet of floral notes and strawberries/raspberries that blend together exquisitely. Delicious and refined on tasting with a pleasant fullness and refreshing, luscious flavors that awaken the taste buds.


Borsao Garnacha Rosado 2016, $8.99

Borsao Garnacha Rosado 2016

Borsao Garnacha Rosado 2016 Winemaker Notes

Red luminescent colour with warm glows. Has a strong aroma of berries and sweets. Very young and fresh in the mouth, well balanced with its acidity, rich in floral nuances and spices.


El Coto Rosado 2016, $7.99

El Coto Rosado 2016

El Coto Rosado 2016 Winemaker Notes

Lively pale pink in color with a nose of strawberries and raspberries. Dry and easy drinking it displays a wide range of red and dark fruits, strawberries, and cherries, sharp and crispy.

Versatile, ideal as an aperitif, great with salads, Mediterranean food in general and Oriental cuisine.


Bodegas y Vinedos Ilurce Rio Madre Rosado 2016, $ 8.99

Bodegas y Vinedos Ilurce Rio Madre Rosado 2016

Bodegas y Vinedos Ilurce Rio Madre Rosado 2016 Winemaker Notes

Bright pink color. It is remarkable the wide range of aromes shown from flower petal to strawberry, fruits. Tasting is wide, very fruity, fresh and pleasant.


Vina Herminia Garnacha Rosado 2015, $9.99

Vina Herminia Garnacha Rosado 2015

Vina Herminia Garnacha Rosado 2015 Winemaker Notes

It has a bright and intense pink color, elegant. Delicate nose of primary fruit (strawberry) with floral tones. In the mouth it is intense yet refreshing, a firm body with typical varietal character and an attractive finish.


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